Zoals de headline zegt "Patch 3.0 voor Total Annihilation Kingdoms is uit". Jammer dat de opvolgers van de Total serie in de ijskast staan.

Cavedog heeft met deze patch duidelijk naar de gebruikers (waaronder ik) geluisterd en de patch bevat een aantal goede fixes. Nu alleen nog kijken of die werkt.

Kingdoms should now run at least two times faster in all instances. In many cases the game will run even faster

- Faster user interface

- Faster game loading

- Faster single and multiplayer gameplay

- During intense battles, Kingdoms can now automatically adjust the level of shadow detail and animation updating to maintain a responsive frame rate

- Kingdoms RAM footprint has been reduced by 24MB Kingdoms should now run effectively on a P200 with 32MB of RAM (64MB is highly recommended)

- New option to control unit/shadow scaling quality in hardware modes in available

- A registry control has been added to allow players to change the level of unit animation updating

- The introduction movie can now be turned off

- Assigning orders to units while the game is paused has been improved

- The offensive capabilities of the Veruna Dirigible have been reduced

- The size and polygon count of the Veruna Dirigible has been decreased

- The Zhon Wisp will now target and fire more effectively

- Anti-cheating measures have been updated

- The multiplayer check making version 2.0 incompatible with version 1.x has been updated

- A number of errors dealing with unit data have been corrected

- Two additional maps have been added to the game Patch 3.0