Dit is nog eens nieuws. Tac Ops, de Mod waar Epic Counter-Strike mee hoopte te evenaren komt niet in de game of the year editie van UT. De oorzaak zou liggen in contractuele problemen.

Misschien is er dan toch nog een kans voor Strikeforce en InfiltrationGameSpy has confirmed that the popular Unreal Tournament mod Tactical Ops has been removed from the UT Game of the Year edition, which went gold Oct. 6.

"Contract negotiations were started far too late and were not completed at the time we had to go gold with the product," said Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer at Epic Games, which created the game. "We feel terrible about the whole thing and we'll continue to work with and support the Tac Ops team, as it's a top notch mod."

Eric "rojazz" Rojas, webmaster and in charge of PR for the Tactical Ops team, sent us this response:

"Due to contract negotiations starting far too late, we couldn't agree with Epic before UT GotY went gold. It's, of course, a great disappointment for us, but it means beta 1.5 will be out sooner than expected for the public. Although we were not included in the Game of the Year edition of Unreal Tournament, we would like to thank Epic and Infogrames for all their support and help."

Tac Ops recently took second place and won $1,000 in the "Make Something Unreal" contest just the other week. The team was known as S.W.A.T. when it was first released. The mod is based around "two teams, the elite 'Special Forces' and terrorists groups from around the world. Tactical Ops will introduce realistic weapons, maps, gameplay modes and never seen before scenarios. For the first few betas we will be accepting only 20th and 21st century realistic combat areas but in the future we may advance to military WW2 scenarios and futuristic areas,

but that is still a maybe."

While Tac Ops was removed from the game, two other mods are still there: Chaos UT and Rocket Arena UT. En Epic wilde nog zo graag UT een extra boost geven met Tactical Ops, net als Counter-Strike dat doet met Half-Life