Tactical Ops 1.5 is uit en hoe! Er zijn enorm veel dingen toegevoegd, veranderd en gefixed. De meest interessante features lijken mij toch wel de nieuwe Steyr Aug (Yummie! ), nieuwe models, 4.32 optimized loading, een groot aantal nieuwe maps en natuurlijk alle bug fixes.Yes, after months of waiting...it's finally out. And here's the features, ripped from the readme file that's included:


- New Weapon: Steyr Aug - Scope Included

Model by Warflyr

Animations by Warflyr

Skin by SixShooter

Single and Automatic Fire Modes

- New Weapon: O.I.C.W. - Scope Included (Not available in game yet)

Model by Junky

Animations by DarkHorse

Skin by SixShooter

- M4 Colt Carbine removed (Old hands and old model)

- Weapons tweaked (less recoil, effective range, more/less damage)

- New weapon sounds

- Hitscan weapons set as default. Set the server-side option 'Enable ballistics' to switch to projectiles (features delays,

wall penetration, tracing bullets, and flying bullet sounds). This function decreases network performance.

- Grenade velocity increased.

- Knife becomes the professional weapon!

Blood covers the knife blade, use Altfire to clean it.

Firemode key allows to switch between stab and throw mode.

You need to buy more knives to throw them.

If you're standing really close BEHIND an enemy (stab mode) you will cut his head off (and killing him).

- Shellcases added.

- Different arm skins: Special Forces = Black, Terrorists = Green

- New Scope Crosshairs.

- Automatic Reloading now disabled by default

Set "Automatic reloading", client-side option the Personal Settings (Mod Menu)

Weapon will automatically reload, without having to press the reload key when this is set.


- New player models by Apocalypse. Exported by Warflyr, using new Skeletal system.

Seal model (White Seal, Black Seal and Seal InfoCom skins by Ganjaman)

Commando model (CamoMask, Camo skins by Butcher, Apocalypse and SF_Threaders, Scarface, S.W.A.T. and Police skins by Ganjaman)

- Tactical Ops now appears in its own category (Tactical Ops) instead of an Unreal Tournament gametype

- Loading optimized for UT Patch 432

- New VoicePacks for both teams

New hit and death sounds

- Death messages changed. Removed kill icons. Messages logged to console, client-side.

Death messages can be disabled client-side, option in the Personal settings (Mod Menu).

- New voting system to discourage cheaters. Type 'vote ' in the onsole where stands for the player's

Player ID shown on the scoreboard (don't type the quotes in the console). Here are the rules:

60% is required for kicking

Votes are reset every round

You can't vote for yourself

Vote to kick players

- new ANTI-IDLE players feature. It checks the position of every bot and player every 10 seconds. If you haven't moved for

20 seconds you get a warning, 30 seconds you die, 3 deaths = kicked from server. If you move, these values are reset. Use

the Server-side option "Disable IDLEManager" to disable it.

- Bloodtrails are now less frequent and affected by the level detail

- Bots AI are slightly tweaked

- Breifing screen now defaulted to 10 seconds

- New Flashlight (new key to bind in the mod menu). Code by p0s

- Crosshair colors:

White (no target)

Green (Friendlies)

Red (Enemies)

- Added custom footsteps sounds support for Bots and NPCs

- Headshot damage increased (without helmet)

- Network bandwitdth improved.

- Money range is now -$20,000 +$20,000.

- Added default TO_Game.ini in the extra folder, so servers can set their settings.

- Linux fix now disables the player from dropping ANY item (money, weapons, ..) when killed.

Should fix the *item* fell out of the world crash.

- Begin and End Round speech.

- Players killed by a team mate will not drop their inventory and money pickup anymore.

Bug fixes:

- Grenades now kill everyone

- HUD icons transparency fixed. (Modulation didn't work on every gfx card/OS). Try the option 'HUD Transparency Fix' in the

Personal Config (Mod Menu) if you encounter problems with the Sniper Rifle, Nightvision, or HUD icons transparency

- Action Window not created when launching a game from the command line. (GameSpy / UnrealEd)

- Sudden death overtime bug. Fixed.

- 'Falling spectator' bug. (Death caused by suicide or fall)

- Crouching bug.

- Corpses not removed at end of round

- Weapons could be selected when escaped

- Crosshairs now turned on by default

- Some Objectives with 'OM_RoundWin' couldn't end the round. Fixed. (thx to Dr.Crowbar)

- Weight system not properly working

- Glock animation

- UT Patch 432 scoreboard fix

- You cannot press ESC during the startmenu anymore

- bInitiallyActive=false not disabling s_Triggers with USE key, fixed. (thx to Andirez)

- UT gametypes WeaponStay option fixed.

- Zones bugs fixed. (buy zone not appearing, or being in buyzone the whole level, etc..)

Note that they must still be well set in the level (ie cover all playerstarts and 2 zones MUSN'T intersect).

- Underwater bug fixed. Underwater effect was still present during Briefing. Fixed. De lijst is nog langer, maar aangezien je dan nog wel ff aan het scrollen bent, kun je beter hier naartoe gaan om het hele verhaal te bekijken... Als je echter tac Ops 1.5 toch al wilt hebben ga dan naar de mirror page.