Het 'TacOps' team is momenteel zeer druk bezig met de afronding van de beta2 versie van deze Unreal Tournament Modificatie. IntelGamer had een interview met de 2 grote jongens van TacOps, Shag en rojazz. In de twee pagina's komen enkele leuke dingen aan het licht.You weren't able to make it onto the Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition CD. Are there any plans by Epic in the future to get Tactical Ops on a CD? rojazz: We haven't talked to Epic that much about a full retail product since the deal went sour, so nothing as of yet is planned. Shag: No, and I doubt it. I think EPIC is really focusing on Unreal Warfare and X-Box support. It's time for Unreal Tournament to live through the modifications. Honestly I don't think it would be worthwhile to make a commercial version of Tactical Ops, maybe eventually for a huge single player add-on. But for the online mod, being free is the best option. But I would love working on an interesting project after that, start something new. Interessante visies, Shag ziet geen brood in het commercieel gaan van de verschillende UT mods, zoals het StrikeForce team wel van plan en overeengekomen is. Maar eerst gaarne Beta2 van TacOps aub.