Ooit je eigen levels willen maken voor System Shock 2? Of de bestaande helemaal willen verneuken? ShockEd, de level editor is nu helemaal compleet, en gecompileerd om gebruikt te worden. Daarbij kun je ook de unstripped missions downloaden, zodat je de oude missies ook kunt editen:The Shock 2 unstripped missions allows you to see the official missions that were used in the game in ShockED, so you can edit them (or learn from them for that matter). Also included in the ShockED zip file is a very informative tutorial written by Totality and other hackers as well. A big thanks goes to the Shock2 NDA team and others, including Totality, d0om, Catalyst, Thumper, IceNine, Datoyminaytah, and the fans! Thanks for making this a successful release! ShockEd (5.06 MB) System Shock 2 Unstripped Missions (23.5 MB)