De Olympische spelen gaan bijna van start. Virtueel is het echter al begonnen. Sydney 2000 stelt de speler in staat om 12 sporten te beoefenen.

Helaas geen onderdeel "Doof de vlam voordat deze het stadion bereikt"

Het spel is verder een echte keyboard-raper. Je hebt na 2 minuten al RSI . Maar het doet de herinneringen aan Track & Field en andere soortgelijke games wel herleven.Come Sep.15 athletes gathered from around the world, will join hands and shout joyfully in what is to be a celebration of world sports and team spirit, known as Olympic Games… OK that, and they'll be taking the last drops of their "power" cocktail prescribed by a hairy-chested, ex female javelin thrower from the former East Germany. It's all in the Olympic spirit, I guess… …just ask Ben Johnson.

SOG 2000 features 12 disciplines in all, some of which

I've never heard mentioned as Olympic events before

loading up the game… (Skeet Shooting, a Olympic sport,

give me a break!) The event list includes: 100m Sprint,

110m Hurdles, Hammer, Javelin, High Jump, Triple Jump,

100m Freestyle Swimming, Olympic Sprint Cycling, Skeet

Shooting, Super Heavyweight Wight Lifting, 10m Platform

Diving, and Kayak K1 Slalom. The gameplay is separated

into four modes, albeit nothing out of the ordinary:

Arcade (self explanatory), Olympic (resembling a

simulation), Head to Head (no multiplayer, just split

screen), and Coaching (practice, anybody). That's about

it… from that point on, you're left with two arrow keys,

and an action key to go for the world record and become

a champion in every disciplines… (Who says I can't Clean

and Jerk 500lbs and run 100m in 9.7 seconds at the same


For crying out loud, there are better ways of living out the Olympics! Go buy yourself a Jersey with your country's flag on it, get a larger TV screen... Go to Sydney! Leave SOG 2000 to console gamers; let them smash their gamepads over a 100m sprint…

Nee, Sydney 2000 valt niet in de prijzen bij Actiontrip