Ja de olympische spelen komen er weer aan en dan komt er altijd een lading games die daar mee te maken heeft dit is er ook weer een. Yes, sports fans, it's been four year since the Olympics were in Atlanta — time again for the Summer Games. This year the Games are in Sydney, Australia, which is one helluva trek from the States. Sure, the popular events will be broadcast on TV (ad nauseam), but if you're looking to get right involved in the action, Sydney 2000 may be the game you want. Sydney 2000 offers a fair range of Olympic sports, albeit limited to the individual competitions, including the hammer throw, diving, sprint, and skeet shoot — actually, 12 events in all. There are three play modes, allowing for quick-start games, multiplayer competitions, or career-style experiences (Olympic) involving training and qualification rounds that culminate in the Games. Gameplay varies from sport to sport, but the controls are basic — generally limited to tapping alternating keys, as in the sprints or weight-lifting competitions. Graphics are nice, if generic; athletes represent a number of different nations, as determined by their clothing. Particularly eye-pleasing are the replays, which are shown from a number of camera angles. Commentary and crowd noises provide most of the audio.

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