Amar vertelde mij, dat er een interview gehouden is met Rod Fung, producer van SWAT 3: Battle Plan. Battle Plan is de add-on voor SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle en die zal ook een multiplayer patch bevatten die ook gratis te downloaden zal zijn. Er zullen 3 modes in verwerkt worden, de bekende deathmatch, je kan als SWAT team tegen een Terroristen team spelen (allebei door mensen bestuurd) en tot slot kan je ook nog met 2 mensen tegelijk de gewone missies uitspelen met behulp van AI gestuurde SWAT agenten.What are some of the key features in Battle Plan's multiplayer gameplay that will set it apart from other squad-based simulation games? In SWAT 3 Battle Plan, we are going to offer the player a unique experience. In the game, you will have the choice of playing with AI driven members on your team or you can round out your element with fellow on-line players. You can also choose a mixture of AI and on-line players depending on the type of game you choose to play. If you choose to have AI characters on your team, they will work very much like our single player game, breaching doors, clearing rooms, and responding with the appropriate response dialogue. Another new feature in Battle Plan will allow the player to give commands via their view port screen. This remote command system allows the element leader to give commands out of their line of sight. Another nice feature will be the additional weapons that we are providing along with the ability to configure your firearm to your individual taste. We are also going to package our level editor with SWAT Battle plan so that the player can create their own levels and environments. I can't wait to see what kind of SWAT levels our fans come up with! What types of multiplayer modes do you have planned? We'll have co-op mission where you play on the same team as either SWAT officers or terrorists. We'll have competitive missions where you and another person are each in charge of a team of AI characters. And we have deathmatch missions in which you go head to head with your opponents. Volg deze link voor het hele interview. SWAT 3: Battle Plan en de gratis patch staan nog steeds gepland voor de maand augustus.