Na alle patches komt er nu ook een special edition van Swat3. Deze editie zal single en multiplayer missies hebben. Dit en meer kan je hieronder lezen, met dank aan Avault.

Het begint een beetje op Rogue Spear te lijken Sierra Studios today announced that their first-person tactical simulation, SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle, will now offer gamers both single and multiplayer missions in SWAT 3: Special Edition. Scheduled to ship August 2000, SWAT 3: SE will deliver the original 16 CQB missions, plus six new missions, and the long awaited multiplayer capability. The product will support up to ten participants on a LAN or over the Internet, with technologies provided through The multiplayer mode will offer several choices: create an alliance with the opposing team and attempt to complete overall objectives during a co-op game; deathmatch; or a competitive tournament mode. Also included in SWAT 3: SE will be a proprietary level editor and a character editor, which will allow people to create their own levels, and customize their character and weapons.Voor meer info over swat3 en Swat3 SE