Alle tactical shooter fans zullen waarschijnlijk allang in het bezit zijn van SWAT3 en de laatst verschenen Elite Edition patch. Voor de mensen die vanochtend ontdekten ook into tactical shooting te zijn of willen weten of de patch het downloaden waard is, Stomped heeft een review geschreven.It's extremely hard to review this particular game. SWAT 3: Elite Edition is a new retail version of 1999's SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle. Everyone who owns the original game will be able to get the extra content in Elite Edition for free, but even the Elite Edition requires a new patch to get the game to work properly, and there is already a lot of official new content (new missions, mods, and character models) on the net that wasn't contained in the Elite Edition box. Therefore, strickly reviewing the game out of the box (which most game reviews usually do) wouldn't really be giving SWAT 3: EE a fair trial.

Another, smaller, problem with the Internet multiplayer is the fact that after every game, you can't simply restart. Instead you have to go back to the lobby area and restart your server all over again, with no way of really knowing until you start the game whether the folks that played with you last time will be back.

SWAT 3: Elite Edition review