Alle SWAT fans zullen er wel naar uitgekeken hebben, de Elite Edition van SWAT 3. Deze versie zal multiplayer support en 5 nieuwe maps hebben.Sierra dropped by the GameSpot offices to show off the latest build of SWAT 3: Elite Edition yesterday. The game is an enhanced version of last year's SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle, and it includes the highly anticipated multiplayer component, as well as a huge arsenal of new

weapons, new gear, and five all-new levels.

As in the original game, the five new levels all take place in the greater Los Angeles area. We played some of these new ones, including a hostage rescue in a Van Nuys hospital and another similar situation at a Hollywood Hills home. Some of the other levels include the LA subway and Chang's Chinese Theatre. All the game's levels, including the five new ones, can be played in

multiplayer, which supports up to five players at once. The game can also be played in cooperative, deathmatch, and team deathmatch modes. Players take on the role of element leaders and squad members, but can flag themselves as either "good" or "bad." Players with a bad flag will get shot at by SWAT AI, but will be ignored by the bot terrorists. Elite Edition's arsenal has been expanded to include a huge assortment of rifles, shotguns, and handguns, including several iterations of the AK-47, the AK-74, the MP5, and even the Uzi. New

fatigues, which come in a number of different types of urban and jungle camouflage, are available as well.

Gamers who bought the original SWAT 3 last year don't have to worry about buying a whole new game just to get Elite Edition's new features. Sierra will release the 1.04 patch in a few weeks, which will add the multiplayer support and the new weapons to the game.

Around that same time, Elite Edition's five levels will also be available for download from Sierra. Those who never bought SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle will be able to purchase Elite Edition for around US$29.99. Look for it on store shelves sometime in October. Voor de mensen die SWAT 3 al hebben komt er een patch uit die al het lekkers van de Elite Edition zal bevatten.