Gamers Depot neemt een kijkje naar Swat 3 van Sierra in de vorm van een review.When I first learned of what SWAT3 was to become, I thought to myself "Not another Rainbow6 Clone", and must admit I was extremely skeptical about whether or not Sierra could pull this off. Well to my delightful surprise they have created one of the best first person tactical combat simulations I have ever had the joy of playing. The close-nit team element and the actual use of tactics that I have been longing for in games like Rouge Spear, has finally been realized. Sierra is able to create deadly accuracy with their interpretation of what being a LAPD S.W.A.T. officer is all about. Honor, courage, loyalty, and above all, the utmost regard for human life. These elements are the basis of what makes SWAT3 such an enjoyable game to play.Als je van dit soort games houdt, dan lees je hier de rest!