Voor één van de beste games van vorig jaar (zoals ik in mijn review de wereld heb geprobeerd duidelijk te maken) komt een add-on. Maar dat was al langer bekend. GA-Source heeft van Rod Fung (developer) te horen gekregen welke levels en extra's erin komen. Klik op 'bron' voor het hele verhaal.SWAT 3: Battle Plan features six new missions that will take place throughout the city of Los Angeles. "We'll have a scenario that takes place in an underground station of the Los Angeles Metro line (Red and Blue subway lines)," Fung reveals. "We will have a situation that takes place at a famous Hollywood landmark, the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. We'll have a hostage rescue call-out to an emergency wing of a famous Los Angeles Hospital. We have a barricaded suspect call-out at an exclusive private residence in the Hollywood Hills. We'll have a rapid deployment call-out at a small commuter Los Angeles airport. And finally we'll have a large scenario that takes place inside a large Century City skyscraper called the AMC building." Verwacht de add-on in Augustus in de winkels!