Incite heeft een review, filmpje en screenshots op hun site gezet. Het spel werd niet goed ontvangen. 3 sterren en met een titel van "The Force isn't exactly strong in this one" weet je wel wat je kan the full campaign mode of Force Commander, a Star Wars caliber story unfolds. You're Brenn Tantor, young graduate from the Imperial Academy. You see both sides of the war, first as a cadet in the Empire, and then as a defector to the Rebel Alliance. As a trooper your first mission is to locate some errant droids that have crashed on Tatooine. Sound familiar? That's how much of the story plays out: you running around the Star Wars universe. Load times are long, but the action is relatively smooth once you get going. The 3D engine, however, is both good and bad. You can easily pan the camera around the landscape, and the terrain plays an integral role in both the view and troop movement; troops can lurk just over a ridge and you won't be able to see them until the last second. The graphics are a little dated — especially the HUD (which can thankfully be minimized) — but when zoomed in at high resolutions, the game looks crisp, and when combined with authentic Star Wars sound effects, you can suspend belief a bit. De filmpjes zijn er in twee formaten:

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