SuperChix76, alleen de titel is al cool, nu de game nog. Maar de game is nog niet uit, dus werd de demo gereviewd. Het is een race game waarbij je tegen een ander vrouwtje rijdt. De game was niet zo bijzonder volgens de reviewer, maar ook weer niet vervelend.

Ja en wat we daar dan mee aan moeten, download hem en laat het ons weten. There is nothing much here in the way of a game. The demo consists of one track and a selection between two girlies.Depending one which female you select, you are stuck with her auto of choice. That is all, no whistles or bells or anything else that might incline me to kick down the loochy for this title. There is, however, a persistent and annoying banner in this demo that links you to a web site to buy this sparse little morsel. I think I'll pass.

Once I nabbed my girlie (get this…her name was Fabia! Fabia! Just like that, exclamation mark and all), I got

my race on. Fabia! has the faster vehicle in this game, so she was the preferred chickity of choice. The race is limited to a rally race in the Amazon Basin in Brazil, because, hey… where else are you going to get your speed on, right

Die meisjes hebben naast driving skills ook nog andere kwaliteiten

SuperChix76 Demo review