3D Files stelt ons in de gelegenheid om de demo van Super 1 Karting te downen. Deze kart game is gemaakt door de mannen van Interactive Entertainment. Check de pics en het stukje, vind je het wat? Down hem bij 3D Files, 22mb.Interactive Entertainment are currently developing a game featuring a full go-kart simulation of the Karting Grand Prix Championship for the PC and Sony Playstation. The game will include accurately modeled 3D replicas of all of the international circuits and go-karts used throughout the Karting GP season and the player will have a choice of different class karts in which to race. In addition to the eleven circuits, there will be a bonus, full GP circuit to race. The player will have to work their way through the various classes earning a racing licence for the next kart class, with the goal being to reach the GP circuit and win using a 150 mph kart.