Bij PS2.Ign hebben ze een filmpje van Summoner-Red Faction voor de PlayStation 2. Hij is 15,1 MB groot(of klein hangt af van je ISP ).

Dit filmpje moet je gewoon downloaden, ook al heb je een 14k4 modem ( ga maar aan de buurman vragen ofzo), want dit is mooi en humoristisch! Each time we see, or hear about Summoner, the team has made more strides in its development. Recently, the game has taken on a high-resolution look, dramatically increasing its visual impact. It's sharp, clean, without jaggies or flicker, and is looking very good. The battles (that we have played so far) are fun, and the levels are huge, painted with colorful explorable areas. With about 20 summonable characters, huge, beautiful environments, and a flexible combat scheme, Summoner topped the IGNPS2 staff's most wanted list earlier in the week ..Downloaden dan maar!