Voodoo heeft een interview online geplaatst dat hij heeft gehad met de makers van Summoner. Summoner is an entirely 3D RPG developed by Volition and is being published by THQ for release on the Playstation 2, PC and Mac platforms. It follows the story of Joseph and his companions as they attempt to defeat the evil emperor Murod of Orenia. He has been seeking out Joseph because he fears his summoning ability. Once in a generation there is someone who can summon creatures and other beings to assist him in battle, using special rings that have been scattered across the world. Currently, that person is Joseph. However, Joseph is afraid of this ability since he destroyed his village when he was a boy because he could not control his summoning ability. So at the beginning of the game Joseph will have to reconcile himself with this fear in order to defend himself and his country.Lees hier het hele interview.