Suddenstrike een RTS die zich plaatsvind in WOII. Van Duitse makelij, zal volgens de makers het RTS genre opnieuw definieren (waar hebben we dat allemaal niet eerder gehoord, waar hoor je het eigenlijk niet ).

De features beloven veel goeds, maar veel beloven en weinig geven doet alle gekken in vreugde leven Set in World War II, Sudden Strike is a tactical war game with authentic historical background and compelling gameplay - it is one of the few WWII-based games to come out of Germany. The player can control American, English or French units on the Allied side, or play as the Germans or Russians. Controlling the Russian army across formidable terrain presents the most difficult challenge to the player and features some massive battles. Players on all sides will find at least 30 missions of varying depth and complexity await them. Chief among the features of Sudden Strike are the following:

- Up to 1,000 units on screen at once with no loss of frame rate

- LAN, modem and Internet play modes supported

- Units include tanks, infantry, rocket launchers, and planes

- All on-screen objects can be destroyed

- Houses and buildings can be entered and used as fortifications

Sudden Strike will released at the end of September on PC CD-ROM. Further information on the game and its development can be found at the Sudden Strike website at

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