Helaas is de redding van de Koersk mislukt, gelukkig hoefven de onderzeers in Submarine Titans niet hetzelfde lot te ondergaan. Er is namelijk redding in de vorm van een patch.This patch fixes the following single-players problems:

Fixed bug in Power Protector where if 2 protectors were built next to each other , it would close and recharge.

Fixed bug in teleport recharge.

Fixed bug in restart game for campiagn mission.

Fixed bug in Development technology for Silicon Campiagn missions

Fixed bug in drawing technology tree (yellow boxes).

Fixed Mouse dragging problem in Windows 2000

Fixed Campaign Missions 5 and 6 for Black Octopi (Capture technology problem)

Fixed Campaign Missions 7,8,9,and 10 for White Sharks (Various bugs)

Fixed Internal Error problems

Multiplayer fixes:

Fixed several Asynch bugs.

Fixed Internal Errors


Optimization of Network code for smoother game play.

Optimized movement of sea life.

Improved AI Pathfinding for Subs

Optimized Guard zone for subs

Increased hit points for the DC Bomber

Some more balance for the BO, WS and SI Civilizations

Updated FSGS DLL and Patch system. Je kan de patch van Submarine Titans hier naar beneden eh naar boven halen