Elke adventureliefhebber wacht natuurlijk met smart op MI4:Escape From Monkey Island, maar dat is zowat het enige wat we de komende tijd kunnen verwachten. Adventure Gamer heeft in ieder geval 'Stupid Invaders' eens onder de loep genomen, een 2D adventure oude stijl, point-'n-click dus.

Een mooi voorgerechtje voor Monkey Island 4?Stupid Invaders, by UbiSoft, is that rarest of things: a totally traditional 2D adventure game. And what a treat it promises to be! I am probably going to be buried under a deluge of hate-mail after I say this, but Stupid Invaders is the adventure game whose release I am most anticipating. And yes, that does include Escape from Monkey Island.

Humor plays a large part here, as in all the greatest cartoon adventures. There are copious amounts of toilet humor, with most notably a Fart Machine where you can produce different kinds of farts. The atmosphere of the game itself tends to lend to humor. The graphics are extremely high quality, and the artists convey the comical plight of the aliens adequately. Sound effects are appropriately cartoony and at times downright hilarious. The music is hardly Beethoven, but it suits the game very well, often making you smile. The voiceovers are nothing short of superb. From high pitched squeaky voices to menacing growls, this game does it all very well.

All in all, this game promises to be brilliant altogether. No self-respecting adventurer should be seen without it!

Zeer positief dus, zeker omdat adventures en zeker de 2D point 'n click adventures een uitstervend ras zijn, terwijl zo'n game een fantastische spelervaring kan zijn.(memories ) Hulde voor de mannen en vrouwen van UbiSoft!

Ik ga 'm zeker oppikken alsie in de shops ligt