Onze collegas van The Adrenaline Vault vonden het nodig om Stunt Grand Prix te previewen. En ik dacht dat jullie dit misschien ook wel interessant vonden, vandaar dat je hieronder een hap uit de preview kunt lezen en jezelf naar de preview kunt begeven door op 'avault' te klikken achter de bron:The audiovisual properties of Stunt GP appear to be quite impressive. 3D hardware video acceleration is needed because of the large number of polygons moved around at any one time. Under Direct3D Stunt GP can be run in whatever resolution your video card will handle. Special visual effects abound, including smoke clouds from tires. 3D sound is supported on sound cards supporting Creative Labs' EAX standard; you can hear cars come up behind you and you get all the doppler effects. This audio enhancement is particularly enticing because of the realistic engine noises reproduced. The designers pride themselves on the artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled vehicles not just following a fixed formulaic model. Brown asserts that, "We've tried to develop car AI that is very reaction-oriented and less predictable; we can give the cars character and an overall strategy, which can respond sensitively to how the player is racing." The logic behind this is that if the cars look like they're being controlled by humans, then the racing seems somehow more plausible, and as a result the CPU cars make mistakes too.