De eerste patch voor de Unreal Tournament mod: Strike Force, is uitgekomen. En wel nummer 1.27. Je kunt hem hier downloaden. Ook kun je hem van de server van Filplanet downloaden en dat kan hier. En trouwens, ik vind dit al een hele goede mod richting CS, hoewel hij nooit zo goed zal worden, omdat CS al een enorme voorsprong heeft. Strike Force patch #1 has been released! This patch fixes a number of issues reported and also includes some new inventory features so that everyone can get equipment before the round starts. Also we killed a number of bugs that were causing servers to crash (Thanks to Steve Polge over at Epic) so you should be able to run a server with no problems. Head over to the patch section to grab the patch and view all the changes. It weighs in at a small 7.5MB. Special thanks to Gruff for working all week on the patch and getting it done. He went on a much needed vacation but worked to make sure it was done before he left, THANKS GRUFF! We are also working on a fix so that SF uses it's own .ini and no longer has to switch between the SF and UT files using our starter. This was not possible before but the new 422 patch allows us to do this now. So we will start working on that fix early next week.