Voor sommige mensen (waaronder ik) was het nogal een teleurstelling dat StrikeForce de UT-engine had gedumpt en over was gestapt naar die van Tribes2. Stomped had een interview met de makers van StrikeForce over de reden van de engine wisseling en de verdere plannen voor deze MOD.Stomped: First, some people might be disappointed to hear that development of Strike Force for Unreal Tournament will be ending soon. What were the reasons behind this decision?

Hamlett: First of all I want to say that I am a very honest person. So I like to be honest with the public about what happened with us in this situation or any other. I'm don't want to try and make up something or hide the real reason behind our move. Basically we were promised support in various aspects of the mod dev process. We were told we would get software, hardware, tech and money. This was all about 10 months ago when we began the process of making SF/UT. If I posted the actual things we were promised and some quotes from emails I have it would blow some people away. Tribes2 is momenteel in volle betatest en de jongens van StrikeForce zullen nu waarschijnlijk ook in volle gang zijn met de productie. We shall see.

Het volledige artikel is op Stomped te lezen.