UT Station heeft een interview gedaan met Mike 'Optimizer' Hamlett, maker van de UT-Mod Strike Force. Hier is een stukkie:1. UTS: In the forum was written that SF supports Bots. Would these also have tactics, then? If so, could you desribe us some combinations? Opti: Right now the bots are basically just there. They work and they all run around and try to kill you but we still need to work on more code for them. They will be much better in beta 02. As it stands the bots only spawn with a Desert Eagle and they have unlimited ammo. UTS: How large will be the Beta 1 finally? How large is the part of codes, maps, skins etc? Opti: The entire beta right now stands at over 100MB, the first beta may be larger but that depends on how many maps we decide to include. Just one map can be well over 10MB and the new texture packs alone are huge. UTS: Is in every map a new objective (like rescuing hostages, bomb targets), or are there maps with the same objective and another scenario? Opti: Beta 01 will only include DM, TeamDM and Assault. Future versions will have other game types that are already complete but we are not going to release them until beta 02. Lees het interview hier.