Er is weer een nieuwe versie van StrikeForce uit. En nu denk je misschien: Ah man, weer meer dan 100 Mb downloaden...

Maar nee, deze keer hebben ze rekening gehouden met mensen zonder ADSL of kabel (excl. Casema ), de download is "maar" 11 Mb en dus goed te doen.

Dit is echter wel een update, de mensen die nog geen Strike Force hebben zullen nog steeds de volledige 1.40 versie moeten downen...

De 1.50 patch fixed een (groot) aantal irritante bugs, tweaked SF en voegt daarbij nog een aantal features toe...Bug fixes/tweaks

1. Bot playerstarts.

We had some problems with players spawning (starting) on the wrong team. This portion of the code was totally written over to fix the problem.

2. Weapon tweaks

We have gone in and tweaked the weapons to work better. We took suggestions from the beta team and the public. So you will notice ROF and accuracy changes as well as damage changes on most weapons.

3. Sniper Zoom

Removed the highest zoom factor. Only 9x and 6x left.

4. UTAdmins caused some accessed Nones in Server log. Fixed this.

5. Lag issue

Reworked some parts of the "details" for wall hits, gun smoke, etc to decrease the lag on servers. Also had a bug that caused 1.40 servers to get a huge log to fast without dumping the file. A lot of work has been done to decrease lag and we will continue to work on this portion of gameplay.

6. Shotgun sound

Remade for a louder "boom" and better pump action sound.

7. SF Garbage Collector

During rounds in SF all guns and dead bodies are collected by the engine. Our collector now removes all "details" added by the SF game. This also helps reduce lag on servers.

8. Inventory Issues

There are some issues with our inventory menu when laggy. Added code to prevent things like this. Should be less buggy code regarding inventory issues. However if you have a bad connection to a server your inventory screen may not appear.

9. Online issues

Found some strange stuff regarding reloading in online games. Now corrected.

10. Mr.Anarchy

Players were not able to play with him in 1.40, we corrected the problem and he is back in action.

11. Death messages in scoreboard.

Scoring for each round and total rounds was totaly reworked.... see below.

12. Other small things

A lot of small things in the code has been tweaked and fixed... We are improving the code all the time!

New Features

1. Scoring System

The scoring system has now been totally remade to focus on clan matches. We also reward the best players so you can rub it in! We are now counting team score based on rounds won instead of total number of kills. This works much better! Also, individual scoring has changed. We have added medals to the scoring system. If you are good, you can earn:

- Golden Star

For each round, only ONE player can get this award. He/she has to have a total kills higher than anyone else in that round. If there are more than one person that has the highest score, nobody will earn the medal. After each round, the person that gets this award will be displayed in golden color on the scoreboard.

- Purple Heart

If you survive a round badly wounded you will get a Purple Heart medal. Purple Hearts are only awarded if you health is 30% or below. So it takes skill to earn this award.

After all rounds are played, the best player of the match will be selected and presented in golden color on the scoreboard. This is so you can brag among your friends that you are the best etc... Also, we hope that this could be used inside clans to award your clan members with different grades/ranking. It is only up to your creativity!!!

2. Flash Nades

We added a new type of grenades. The Flash Bang grenades. At the moment, only the "flash" part of these are used. Thus, no hearing disability after walking into one of these...

Gruff-Tip: Try turning your back to these things and you will only take some damage... If you look at them while they go off you will be blinded for a while, and it won't be easy to protect yourself or your team in this situation...

3. New StrikeForce skins

Added awesome new StrikeForce skins from Threaders. These add the cammo capabilities for the SF team, but also enables you to accidentally mistake a team member for an enemy... be careful!

4. Police Scanner Sounds

Added some nice sounds at the beginning of each round...

5. TeamKillers

We have noticed that the TK'ers have been a problem lately and we have created a new Anti-TK feature in SF:

- Kill one team member => Counted as "accidentally". This is OK, but you cannot get any medals that round...

- Kill more than one... You will get a "health" penalty for this and eventually you will die! Kill 4 and you are dead.

To make the TK'ers show up as bad players, this is stated under each name on the scoreboard. Thus you could see how many team members a person has killed. Also, it will state if the server killed this person as he/she is a TK.Voor de mensen die 1.40 gemist hebben:

Part 1 (104 Mb) en Part 2 (37,4 Mb) En hier, nogmaals De 1.50 patch.