De realism mod voor Unreal Tournament, Strike Force, is weer ge-update. Er is weer een hele lijst met features bijgekomen zoals nieuwe wapens, nieuwe skins, andere AI, etc., etc. Affijn, de hele lijst vind je hieronder.


- New Weapons - Fragmentation grenades and the Benelli M1 Tactical 12-Gauge shotgun join the already formidable Strike Force arsenal, bringing the total up to 10!

- New Weapons Features - Older weapons have been carefully tweaked and rebalanced, changing rate of fire and accuracy on some weapons, and new features added, such as a new crosshairs and adjustable zoom, for a more satisfying player experience.

- New Weapon Sounds - Our guns now have the "oomph" that you demanded; machine guns chatter, sniper rifles boom and grenades thunder!

- New Weapon Inventory features - The inventory has a whole new layout, weapons and clips models in the inventory have been redone, and weapons may now be carried in the backpack.

- New skins - the Colt M4 skin has been updated and player arm and hand models have been completely redone.


- Pulse rate - this revolutionary feature adds a whole new dimension to 3d action gaming. Your pulse changes depending on your character's levels of activity and damage taken, effecting not only your speed, but your accuracy and endurance.

- Blood trails - Players now bleed when hit depending on wound and severity, without lagging servers. Hunt your prey and finish what you started!

- New Bot AI - Our incredible new AI features the most realistic bots of any mod out there. Bots take cover, provide supporting fire and hide, allowing players a exciting gaming experience on- or offline.

- New Skins - Skins for player's faces have been updated, making characters more threatening.

Improved Loadout Time - 15 seconds are allowed for loadout in the first round, 10 in the subsquent rounds, and teams can now confirm by hitting Escape to get on with the game.

- New Strike Force Voices - Send voice commands out to your team and auto-taunt your opponents with our new voice system.

- Death Messages - Get the credit you deserve with new kill notices and messages!


- 21 Maps in all - SF 1.40 features 10 new maps from our team, as well as 11 of our older maps have been tweaked to perfection.

- New bot pathing - Masterful bot pathing means bots can now perfectly navigate the maps and play them (as well) or better than you can!

- Map matching - 140 is added to all maps so as to prevent map version mismatches.Voor meer info kun je hier naartoe. En om Strike Force te downen kun je hier heen. De makers hebben wel veel nieuwe features in hun Total Conversion gestopt, maar ze hebben daarbij niet echt rekening gehouden met de grootte: SF weegt namelijk zo'n 104 Mb en er is geen patch om je oude versie te updaten (en zo dus 56K en/of Casema bezitters ook de mogelijk te bieden het te spelen).