Het regent muizen bij Microsoft. Kon je laatst op Gamers al een review lezen over de Strategic Commander, nu is het de beurt aan Telefragged.I didn't begin to see the purpose of the SC until, for want of something better to do, I tried it on some none-strategy games. Here I received a revelation. First I tried the device on Unreal Tournament for movement and weapons selection. Unfortunately those W A S and D keys have been hardwired into my brain and I couldn't cope at all. But as soon as I loaded up some of my favorite simulation games I realized how useful the SC could be.

But you own a keyboard and mouse already. Essentially all the SC provides is a tethered mouse with a heap of buttons on it. It is very useful and I've found myself creating profiles for a lot of games, but I coped pretty well beforehand. But fans of new technology will love its sleek looks and tasteful red lights. Overall the SC feels like a great controller looking for a purpose, the software means you can set it up to do almost anything such as enter keywords, urls and email

addresses into work documents. Gamers Strategic Commander review Telefragged Strategic Commander review

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