Descent3.Net meldt dat Volition geen Descent 4 gaat maken. De reden hiervoor is dat Descent 3 niet genoeg geld opleverde voor uitgever Interplay There were several reasons why Descent3 was not successful, and I want ever say Descent3 was a failure because it was not. Outrage did one hell of a job making D3 and it's a game I'm sure I will play for many years to come. If I had to throw some blame around then most responsible would be Interplay. Interplay dropped the ball on Descent3 by providing inadequate promotions, advertising, and sales deals to vendors. Why? I suspect it was because they were already running scared in the face of a negative bottom line for the past couple of years. No budget! What's done is done, and I'm sure if it would have been handled right I would not be writing this article todayHeel jammer, maar helaas. Maar aan de andere kant misschien ookwel goed omdat het idee nu wel uitgemolken was. Lees het complete artikel hier. Ze gaan wat dieper in waarom Descent niet wilde aanslaan.