stopt ermee. Dit nieuws wordt bevestigd op Homelan die een interview hadden met Gary Arndt, de eigenaar van Stomped was één van de langst lopende gamenieuws sites, maar helaas komt er nu een eind aan. Ze zullen zich vanaf dit moment gaan toeleggen op grote Lan Centers. Duidelijk wordt dat deze beslissing vooral uit financieel oogpunt is genomen. Er werd simpelweg te weinig winst gemaakt voor het runnen van de site. Met het Lan Center is dit wel zo en dus was de keuze snel gemaakt.HomeLAN - There are a lot of people who will be very dissapointed that will no longer be a gaming news site. What do you have to say to those people who have been long time readers of the site?

Gary Arndt - I know. It's something that I feared would happen since last January when Cnet opted out of their advertising contract. I think that everyone understands that the Internet economy is really different than it used to be. We ran several months worth of ads for OCZ only to have them tell us "Sorry, we're not going to pay you anything". We tried the PayPal route, but the results were disappointing to say the least. (While some were very supportive, it's was a small minority). As the revenue dried up we had to cut costs which meant letting more people go. With you, Aurora and Redwood being let go, our readership pretty much dried up. It has reached the point where it really isn't worth while keeping the site active. We still have equipment we have to maintain and rack fees for our co-host. I kept the site up probably longer than I should have from a business standpoint, but its reached its limit.

Het is jammer dat Stomped weg is, het was voor mij persoonlijk toch wel een site waar ik zo regelmatig op keek. Gelukkig zijn er nog zat anderen zoals bijvoorbeeld Je kan het korte interview hier lezen.