Steel Soldiers is het nieuwe RTS (Real Time Strategy) spel van de Bitmap Borthers en EON Digital Entertainment. De Bitmap Brothers kennen we al (lang geleden) van de Amiga computer en meer recent van de RTS Z en de binnenkort te verschijnen Z2. Het belooft in ieder geval een verfrissende game te worden:Don't even think of saying RTS to the folks who are developing Steel Soldiers. They will correct you every time because their intent is to create something new: an action strategy game. They want to give us a game that doesn't deal with who made the right move in the first 30 seconds or who has the best starting point. Their intent is to keep resources simple and be sure that even if you only have one puny unit, if it's the right one, you have a chance in the game. They compare it to a chess game where a lowly pawn can do massive damage to an opponent. According to Barber, "The reason why is that the forces on both sides are identical. That was a conscious decision because in the original research and design phases, we did have three different races. We actually stripped it back. Now it is reflecting armies with the same technology, same units, and the identity is very strong. It's fair because then you've got your chess pieces. If you and I play a game, there is no balancing issue. It doesn't matter how well you balance a game, if you've got different races and everything else, it is different."Van de Bitmap Brothers mag je dus geen RTS zeggen tegen dit spel. Nu maar hopen dat het echt wat nieuws brengt, immers, hebben we dit al niet vaker gehoord van producenten ?