Onze collega's van DailyRadar gingen op bughunt in Starship Troopers, een van de betere sci-fi films van de laatste jaren. Helaas is DailyRadar niet zo te spreken over dit spel. Het concept is inderdaad erg goed, maar de uitvoering ervan is helaas niet geslaagd en dat is jammer, want dit is de zoveelste game gebaseerd op een filmtitel die mislukt.Anyone that plays Starship Troopers for any period of time will come to the same conclusion we have: Half the design team was made up of geniuses, and the other half was... not geniuses. The people in the genius camp designed the engine, laid out the levels and wrote the story. The not-so-genius camp was in charge of the manual, decided it didn't want an in-game save function and forgot to add multiplayer, a skirmish mode or the ability to change the level of difficulty. The end result is a great RTS just waiting to get out but being held back by bad design decisions.

Overigens kan je binnenkort ook op gamers.nl de review lezen van dit spel.

Starship Troopers review