Op de E3 was Starship Troopers geen echt succes, vanwege de slechte build die toen werd geshowt. In de tussen tijd is er echter al een heleboel verandert, en SharkyGames previewde hem nogmaals voor ons. De 'feel' van de film wordt zoveel mogelijk recaptured in dit spel, invasions geven je dus ook echt het gevoel van een invasion.

We wachten met smart af.The early missions play out much like the film, with the player's forces lightly armored much like the Mobile Infantry units in the film. As the squads gain experience, and depending on the mission objectives, the weapons and armor options increase until the point that each trooper is like a mini-tank and is somewhat like the units in Heavy Gear and capable of causing some serious devastation to the enemy. Individual soldiers can also be trained for specific duties like scout, combat engineer or even medic.

As stated previously, the gameplay has transitioned from third person action to squad-based tactical and players will be provided with a scrollable and zoomable isometric perspective of the battlefield. The game, which is now in beta as I write this, has come along quite well since it was shown at E3. While all of the playable missions seemed to take place in desert locales, this is in keeping with the film and novel's settings and the bugs seem to like those desert planets that don't really seem to be worth fighting over! The individual bugs are completely inspired from the film and the gameplay really invokes the sense of being overwhelmed like in the film's invasion of planet K.