Starship Troopers, de remake van de film in RTS formaat is goud, dat melden de producenten. Of Starship Troopers zich kan meten met andere RTS games valt nog te bezien, maar wat wel leuk is, is het RPG element wat aanwezig is in dit spel. Zo krijg je experience points voor elke gekillde bug en/of opdracht zodat je later een rank omhoog kan gaan en over betere bewapening kan beschikken.

Excellent news to report - we are now able to confirm that we have shipped the GOLD Candidate release to Microprose for replication and shipping.

We'll be adding some extra information to the FAQ tomorrow, and we'll let you know official release dates for each territory as soon as they come to hand.

More news on the demo shortly - hopefully, this will be released and available by the end of the week.