GamePen heeft een preview gedaan van de remake van de klassieker Stars! Het spel is in een nieuw grafisch jasje gedaan maar zou de gameplay van het origineel sterk moeten benaderen.The most obvious difference is the look. Gone are the simple graphics of the original, and in its place are gorgeous 32-bit graphics. There are well over a hundred different type of planet graphics, for instance, to reflect environmental terraforming changes. The "game board" now features such background scenes as stellar clouds. Every race now has it's own portrait (and users can create their own portraits - more on that later.)

Aside from the graphic upgrade, though, there are some fundamental changes in SSG. For one, there are no freighters in Stars! Supernova Genesis. No cargo. No transport waypoint tasks. Instead, there is a central banking system run by the "Free Traders" which allows deposit and withdrawal of money and minerals at any colony. Deposit is always free. You are charged a fee when you withdraw at a colony. Production queues can be set up to automatically withdraw money and minerals as needed to speed up production. The Emperor pays for all non-colonial expenses, such as spy salaries, trade, pirate tributes and so on, directly from this bank account. It is possible to blockade colonies such that nothing can be deposited or withdrawn at that colony. You automatically siphon off part of the money and minerals produced by a colony you are blockading. The longer you hold the blockade the greater the percentage of skim that you take. The Free Traders automatically pick up minerals dug up by your remote miners and deposit them in the bank after a short delay.

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Ben benieuwd of het net zo'n hit zal worden als het origineel