Er is een nieuwe patch uitgekomen voor Starfleet Command. Dit is echter wel de Amerikaanse versie. De engelse versie wordt vandaag verwacht. Er zijn ook voor de Amerikaanse versie weer twee verschillenden:

1.00 - 1.03 Full Patch (4.5Mb) 1.02.01 - 1.03 Full Patch (1.4Mb) Movies should now record properly during Mplayer games. -- [YES! -Jeh] Shield strengths have been halved for all ships across the board. Some other systems/weapons have been altered back to their normal damage levels to compensate for this. Nuclear Space Mines do 35 points of damage. Suicide Shuttles do 18 points of damage. The number of t-bombs has been reduced. Explosion strengths have been reduced. Cloaking times have been tweaked to be between the 1.02.01 and 1.01 versions. Non-overloaded Photon Torpedoes do their full damage at close range. A bug with Legendary Weapons Officers affecting Photons at point blank range has been fixed. Missiles require a short distance to arm their warheads, and can no longer be fired at ranges less than 1. Plasma Torpedoes require more power to hold (consistent with their power requirements to charge). Type-F launchers hold for 0 power. Bases rotate slightly slower. ESGs will not start charging until the field discharges or drops. A better variety of ships should be available in the single-player campaign games for all races, but especially Romulans and Gorns. A few bugs with Alpha Strikes (SHIFT-Z) have been fixed. Cloaked ships may launch shuttles. Shuttle and missile prices have been adjusted. Various problems with single-player scripts have been fixed. A new official tournament multiplayer scenario has been added.