VoodooExtreme ontving de maandelijkse nieuwsbrief over Verant Interactive haar massale multiplayer RPG Star Wars Galaxies, met daarin wat nieuws over een aankomende movie. De movie die online geslingerd zal worden zal precies de demo movie zijn die ook op de Electronic Entertainment Expo te zien was. 1.05 Will this be EverQuest in Space?

No. Star Wars Galaxies is being designed from the ground up to be its own game. Although many of our designers have learned a great deal from games such as EverQuest, Ultima Online and Meridian 59, we are dedicated to making a new game designed to work well with the Star Wars universe.

1.11 Will Star Wars Galaxies be a PC only game?

We are currently designing the game for the PC, but we haven't ruled out any of the other platforms. We will let you know of any definitive plans for a port of the game as soon as they emerge.De exacte datum voor het filmpje is nog niet geprikt, het wordt dus zoals altijd in de gamesindustrie weer wachten. Meer over Star Wars Galaxies op zichzelf is te vinden op de officiƫle site.