Het spel waar velen op wachten Force Commander, een RTS in het Star Wars universum, is ge-previewed (is dat nederlands?) door pcign. Hier heb je een stuk :Of course, all of your favorite units from the Star Wars universe will appear in Force Commander: AT-ATs, X-Wings, Tie Fighters, and the like. "Anything you see in the Star Wars movies will be in the game," said Garry. "For example, we have Tusken Raiders, Dewbacks, and Bantas on Tatooine." But you'll also see a number of new units, like attack tanks and the anti-aircraft AT-AA that Jason mentioned in his earlier preview, that haven't been seen in any of the movies. There will be ground units as well as air units, all modeled after their big screen counterparts. The design team went as far as making the air units fly patterns right from the movies while they're waiting to attack. This game is all about attention to detail, and fans of the Star Wars series are going to find a lot to love here.