Gamespot is binnengewandeld bij LucasArts om een blik te werpen op Force Commander, de 3D strategy-game gesitueerd in het Star Wars universum. Ze wisten wat info los te peuteren en gingen naar huis met 5 nieuwe screenies.With Force Commander, LucasArts hopes to "re-create the feeling of Starcraft or Age of Kings but in full 3D." The game is a land-based strategy game that emphasizes more tactical engagements than base management. Unlike Rebellion, the game is strictly military-focused, and the combat occurs on eight different planets, ranging from the snowy plains of Hoth to the dense forests of Endor's moon. The game has two sides, Rebel Alliance and Empire, with distinct troops and capabilities. The Empire, as a function of its bureaucratic nature, has a restricted building structure code that requires you to build control towers before you can build higher-end buildings. Their vehicles are imposing, animal-like walkers, like the powerful AT-AT and the swift AT-ST walker. The Rebels, in contrast, can build free-form, without the need to first build support buildings. Their vehicles also all have shields and are mostly conventional tanks.