De laatste tijd zijn we behoorlijk overspoeld door Star Trek games, de golf is nog niet voorbij . Voyager zal in juni waarschijnlijk uitkomen. Deze FPS die meerdere elementen in zich zal hebben dan alleen schieten is gebaseerd op de Q3 engine.

Waarschijnlijk wordt dit verplichte kost voor alle FPS trekkies...While we're on the subject, let's say a few things about the levels in general. There are going to be about 30 levels in all (36 actually, but some of them are pretty short so they don't count). You'll be able to run around the decks of nearly the whole of the Voyager, shoot it out inside a Borg cube and infiltrate an Etherean stronghold. Unfortunately there's no map feature in the game, but the levels should progress fairly well so a mapping feature may, in the end, be unnecessary. Steve explained that "a whole group of levels are stealth oriented -- like some of the scavenger levels -- but most are just straight shoot-outs." There will also be puzzles that you and the other Elite Force members will have to solve. Steve describes these as "Half-Life inspired" but goes on further to say that they are more complex than the puzzles in Half-Life. Not harder necessarily, but involving many more steps to solve. The game will also feature about ten multiplayer maps for those of you who prefer a little human competition. Although there may be sections of the single player maps used here, the multiplayer maps are unique and independent creations. Up to 16 players can compete in deathmatch (which they're calling "free for all" -- sounds nicer, doesn't it?), capture the flag and team play. The context of the multiplayer levels is that they take place on the holodeck. While that might seem a little "artificial" to players who even bother to question things like context, the ability to play as Chakotay and blow the crap out of that snooty Janeway is just too irresistible. Preview Voyager