De mannen van The Adrenaline Vault hebben een preview gebakken van Star Trek; Elite Force, de op de Quake 3 engine gebaseerde shooter van Raven Software, waarin je deel uitmaakt van het Hazard Team.One particular lesson that declining franchises have often failed to learn is to heed the past. Raven Software, with its sterling track record, and propensity for graphical excellence and innovation, seems to have observed the sad-sack list of underachieving “Star Trek” games, and derived this rule on their own. “Trek” fans the world over have very patiently waited for somebody to produce a title worth playing, and our belief is firm that Raven has finally done it. Their use of a top-of-the-line graphical engine combined with coherent AI and an ambitious interactive scripting system appears to be coalescing into a solid, highly playable game. Elite Force just might finally banish, once and for all, the digital albatross hanging around the franchise's battle-scarred neck.