Deze lente zal Activision ons verbleiden met ConQuest Online, een spel gebaseerd op The Next Generation televisieserie. Het spel word turn-based, is speciaal voor internet ontwikkeld en zal slechts een P90 nodig hebben om te draaien. Hier is een stukje van de aankondiging.People assume the role of a Q, an all-powerful being anxious to reign most clever amongst a bevy of other Qs. By utilizing collectible pieces from The Next Generation series, people manipulate the galaxy, hoping to outwit the competition and emerge victorious. Players start off with a pre-determined set of pieces, constructed from a group of more than 150 characters, weapons and ships, each with varying abilities and value. Each person uses their pieces to gain control of the planets in their quadrant, as well as to assault and fend off their opponent's pieces. A person wins through seizing control of the challenger's home planet and capturing their Q, or holding off their opponent long enough to win through accumulating enough points. During each turn, the gamer selects a piece, or a combination of pieces, in an attempt to gain an advantage over their opponent. Pieces include characters such as Picard, ships such as the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Borg Cube, and weapons such as phasers and Bat'leths. Control points increase as people combine available pieces into sets of the same brand. People can add to their arsenal through purchasing additional pieces at stores or over the Internet, or through trading pieces with other people. These virtual game pieces are collectible and have real monetary value. Genetic Anomalies' patented Collectible Bits technology ensures secure and safe ownership. De rest is hier te lezen.