Daily Radar heeft een (nogal korte) demo review/preview van Star Trek: Klingon Academy gemaakt. Het verhaaltje gaat voornamelijk over de gameplay en is hier te vinden.In the demo we played, we were able to chase down and destroy a Romulan cruiser, although the chase was intense. Controlling a ship in the Star Trek universe is not like controlling a fighter from Interplay's Freespace; these ships are much larger and therefore take more time to properly control. Once we got the hang of it, however, the few included solo missions in the game demo provided enough challenge for us to imagine what the difficulty of the overall game may be. This isn't going to be a game you'll finish in a weekend. Once the Empire is under attack by multiple enemies, everything moves very fast and the battles become intense quickly. Players will need to master each of the ships' controls to have a chance of succeeding.