3D files vertelde dat er een nieuwe patch was uitgekomen voor Star Trek Fleet Command met nog al wat fixes.1.02 - Patch Notes BPV values are based on the base value of the ship and no longer include the cost of basic supply items. Basic supply items can no longer be sold back for extra prestige. This operates much more like the release version without the ability to "strip" a ship. Fixed automatic disengagement after capturing. Bases now rotate. They are more challenging to attack now. Seeking weapons cannot fire at a ship without a lock-on. This is especially beneficial for cloaking ships. Seeking weapons fired at a ship that cloaks will lose tracking over time. Seeking weapon speeds have been altered: Slow missiles are speed 12. Medium missiles are speed 22. Fast missiles are still speed 32. Plasma Torpedoes are speed 36. The cost of Scatterpacks, Wild Weasels and missile reloads have been reduced. Decelerate hotkey slows you down by one instead of two. Multiplayer scripts now initialize properly. In multiplayer games, you cannot target or be targeted for a short period after respawning. Tractor defense is properly disabled after being destroyed. The AI fires less scatterpacks. The AI will no longer fire weapons at downed shields while in capture mode. Shuttles no longer return instantly to the ship. At the end of a mission, shuttles and fighters outside the ship are no longer lost. Your defensive phaser setting is not lost when the weapon is set to offline. When attempting to join a password protected game, it now gives the appropriate error message. Can now play a single-player game followed by a multiplayer game. Host can now adjust the individual player's BPV limit. Mission script loader is now filename case insensitive. Scatterpacks are now Type-IS missiles. Missiles in Multiplayer default to Type-IS. Taking an AI ship to Spacedock in multiplayer works properly. Shotgun torpedoes have been fixed. Modified AI target preferences in some missions. Numerous problems with repairing a weapon have been fixed. Erratic Manuevers and HETs cost energy. You can HET at speeds greater than 26 - this is intentional. Dual Fusions work properly in Suicide Overload mode. Point Defense phasers cost their proper amount of energy. A Nuclear Space Mine has a blue ring and prints a message when detonated. They also drop properly now. Only the dropping player can see the blue ring, but all players get the detonation message. Black Holes give a warning when you approach them from off-screen. Target Enemy and Target Ally hotkeys have been fixed. Ships with turning mode E & F (Battlships) now turn properly. Suns no longer damage the map itself. This was causing some missions to crash. Cloaking Devices cloak/uncloak slightly faster. Missiles in multiplayer are handled in a different manner that reduces the effect of "ghosting". Spec file changes: Some ship costs have changed. The R-SPZ, L-EGO and F-CFS ships have been slightly modified in particular. The official Tournament ships have been added. Minor UI fixes for Romulan and Lyran tactical interfaces. MUCH MORE 1.01 to 1.02 Primary Download Sites: ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/patches/sfc101-1021.zip ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip http://ftp.telepac.pt/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip 1.01 to 1.02 Mirror Sites: (24 Hours For New Files) ftp://ftp.epix.net/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip ftp://ftp.saix.net/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip ftp://ftp.iol.it/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip http://www.task.gda.pl/pub/games/3dfiles/patches/sfc101-1021.zip 1.00 to 1.02 Primary Download Sites: ftp://ftp.interplay.com/pub/patches/sfc100-1021.zip ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip http://ftp.telepac.pt/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip 1.00 to 1.02 Mirror Sites: (24 Hours For New Files) ftp://ftp.epix.net/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip ftp://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip ftp://ftp.saix.net/pub/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip ftp://ftp.iol.it/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip http://www.task.gda.pl/pub/games/3dfiles/patches/sfc100-1021.zip