The Borg schrijft: "Bij systemLogic hebben ze exclusieve screenshots van Star Trek: Elite Force.

De screenshots zijn van wat Klingon levels.":

One thing I instantly fell in love with was the amazing voice acting. Raven managed to get everyone on the staff, except for Jery Ryan (7 of 9), to do voices for the game. The stand-in for 7 of 9 isn't bad, but we all would love to hear sensuous ex-Borg expressions. In order to keep my sanity, I'll try to stay away from the 7 of 9 nude models. The voices of the Hazard Team are also well done. If you people did not already recognize Biessman's voice, it's Tom Wilson from Back to the Future and Wing Commander fame. The voice behind the main character, Alexander Munro, is the voice behind the Spiderman cartoon series. It's quality work if you ask me. And for those feminists out there, Elite Force didn't forget about you. It comes fully loaded with a female protagonist who goes by the name of Alexandia Munro. I wouldn't mind to take a look on how this woman would look in real life… Stay tuned because you'll get some more Elite Force stuff in the next few days. Now here's the main reason you read all that: A set of exclusive shots of the Klingon's in Elite Force as well as some artwork and the E3 flyer. Voor de andere screenshots en de E3 flyer warp je richting deze site.