Volgens Raven's Brian Pelletier finger zou Star Trek: Elite Force op 15 september bij ons in de winkels moeten liggen.

Star Trek: Elite Force maakt gebruik van de Quake 3 engine en heeft natuurlijk een zeer goed verhaal zoals we wel gewend zijn van Star Trek.

Elite Force shipping updates:

The CD's are being replicated and packaged as you read this.

Everything is on track for our scheduled ship dates. The world wide shipdates are as follows:

9/15: UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and other Europe countries.

9/19: US, Canada

9/21: Australia, New Zealand

These are dates that the products leave our warehouses and are shipped to stores. In store dates will vary by retailer. Other countries will ship over the next month.

many people are asking why it's taking so long to get into the stores compared to when other games go GOLD. The reasons are many, but the main reason is that we were not in a rush to get the product in the stores because we were on schedule with our internal GOLD and ship dates. This way we can take the normal time to get them manufactured and sent to retailers without paying extra fees for express handleing & shipping. Had we been behind schedule, then we would have had to painstakingly rush the manufacturing and do express shipping to get it to retailers when we said we would and that costs a lot of extra money. Also it takes longer to manufacture and ship products overseas and within Europe and since we are doing a simultaneous release we have to make sure all versions of the game are ready for shipping.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm and support and we know you will enjoy your playing experience.

Brian Pelletier

- Project Leader: Star Trek Voyager Elite ForceHelaas is voor velen de vakantie al voorbij op 15 september