PC Gameworld vond het leuk om Brian Pelletier lastig te vallen door middel van een interview. Deze man is de project leider achter Star Trek: Elite Force voor Raven Software. Alle aspecten van de game komen aan bod. Helaas slecht nieuws voor de Star Trek voyager fans (gelukkig behoor ik daar niet bij ), de 'free mode' waar sprake van geweest is, komt er niet bij wegens tijdgebrek. Hierin zou het mogelijk zijn om het hele schip rond te lopen en alles te bekijken. Echt elke kamer kan dan bekeken worden.PCGW: The demo is getting favorable press. Many are surprised they actually like a Star Trek game since most are not good. Why is this one appealing to more gamers?

BP: Our goal right from the beginning of design and production was to make a really great sci-fi action game. The fact that it took place in the Star Trek universe was second to that. We basically created an action/adventure game in the setting of the Voyager universe. Of course we used elements of Star Trek anywhere we could and we wanted to let the player experience this rich universe. It really didn't surprise me that non Star Trek fans or even people not familiar with the shows liked the Demo. We spent considerable effort making the game understandable and friendly to those who are not familiar with Star Trek. As far as comparing it to other Star Trek games, ours is more appealing, I believe, because we have successfully recreated familiar environments and situations that players have always seen on the show and now they get to experience it for themselves.

PCGW: Since people see the ship on a weekly basis on TV, how difficult was it to make it "feel right". BP: It was very difficult at first. The main problem we had was creating the scale for the environments in the game. 3D engines are designed for wide open or big areas, yet Voayger has small rooms and hallways with lots of little details in them. The Lead Designer, Chris Foster, rebuilt the bridge about seven times before we finally got the scale perfect to match the show and the game. Our main problem is that the player needs to be able to move around the level easily. Easier said than done. Once we got the scale figured out, the rest of the rooms and locations were fairly easy to make as we had plenty of reference and schematic diagrams of the sets. Beam me up scotty!

uhh...dat was toch wel uit Star Trek he?