Bij Raven hebben ze een nieuwe Elite Force FAQ geplaatst, hier is een klein stukje, voor de rest moet je hier ff kijken.Frequently Asked Questions, Mark II (search for keywords if you have a specific question) ============================================= --------------------------------------------- I. Questions about Enemies/Aliens --------------------------------------------- 1) Q - Will the AI suck? A - No. 2) Q - Will Species 8472 be in the game? A - It's a surprise. 3) Q - What other alien races are in the game? Are there any you made up? Are they all bipedal like Star Trek? A - The Klingons, Borg, Hirogen and Malon are in the game, as well as a couple surprises and several we made up. Some of our aliens are bipedal, others are quite alien. 4) Q - Do the Borg adapt? If so, how do we fight them? A - Yes. Seven of Nine has developed an experimental anti-Borg weapon, the Infinity Modulator. It constantly and automatically cycles it's frequency so that the Borg cannot adapt to it. 5) Q - Will I be able to be assimilated and become a Borg and attack Voyager and do the Borg Queen/Seven of Nine? If the Borg do assimilate, will it be instant or will they grab you or other crewmen and give you a chance to fight back? A - No, if assimilated, you lose. In multiplayer, you will be able to be a Borg. A Borg will not assimilate immediately, it will take him a few seconds to assimilate someone. It probably won't be a complex grappling move that requires precise interaction between 2 models (unless it's only in a scripted event), but you will have a few seconds to blow the Borg away, presuming they haven't adapted. Will the AI suck? No.