Gamespot was een van de gelukkige om als eerste de volledige versie van ST:EF te mogen bekijken. ST:EF gebruikt de Q3 engine en speelt zich af in het Star Trek universum (duh ).

Zelf was ik behoorlijk onder de indruk van de demo, je had echt het idee dat je een aflevering meespeelde . Daarom ben ik ook benieuwd wat men heeft bijgeschaafd aan de volledige versie.

Elite Force uses the Quake III Arena engine for its graphics technology and also borrows a lot of multiplayer elements from id Software's hit game. The ship's computer even calls out "Three frags left" to let players know how many points are left until the end of a match, much like in Quake III.

While Elite Force's multiplayer mode is reminiscent of Quake III's, the single-player mode clearly draws from Half-Life's. Players initially have the option to play through a narrated holodeck tutorial that explains how

to move and how to use their weapons.

The action begins aboard a Borg vessel, where several of Munro's crew are being held captive by the relentless android race. The Borg move with the same distinctive lumbering gait, and have the tell-tale

laser-targeting reticules, that quickly popularized the

technology-hungry species in The Next Generation television series and Star Trek: First Contact feature film.

The single-player game is filled with scripted sequences and fast-paced firefights. The game's character models are expressive and finely detailed, and the weapon effects are bright and as deadly

as they appear. The game has a roughly proportional number of energy-projectile and beam weapons, which make the arsenal seem very high tech and should also make it especially preferable for fans of weapons like the Quake III railgun. Although Elite Force is clearly

intended for fans of Star Trek: Voyager, at the same time, the fact that it's so clearly influenced by two of the most noteworthy first-person shooters to date should give it a mainstream appeal among action-game players. The game's clever multiplayer premise, as well

as its apparently well-designed single-player story, gave us a very strong first impression.

Nou dat zit dus wel snor

Binnekort in de winkel, ST: Elite Force