Nadat we bijna alle genres al hebben gehad in het Star Trek universum heeft Activision toch nog een missing genre gevonden.

Vandaar zat ze nu Borg Assimilator hebben aangekondigd, een world building sim waarbij de speler spelend als Borg de andere Star Trek rassen het leven zuur mag maken. Beginnend met een paar simpele drones moet de speler andere rassen assimileren en zo door de 12 verschillende missies heen zien te komen.

For the first time, gamers can conquer, assimilate and construct as the Borg. In the game, users must absorb the distinctiveness of alien races such as Romulans, Klingons and Federation humans to strengthen the collective and acquire new technologies and resources. Lush meadows and rolling hills will be converted into a Borg nanogrid and assimilation chambers as gamers absorb their surroundings to feed the collective.

Borg Assimilator features a 12 level campaign in which users are faced with assimilating races with higher resistance quotients. The goal of the campaign is to assimilate a series of worlds and acquire the technologies needed to develop a stable Omega particle. At the beginning of each level, gamers start with an existing colonial structure that consists of a nanogrid generator, an ore plant and several drones. Through conquest and assimilation, users can gain access to more advanced buildings such as regeneration alcoves, research centers and the Borg Queen hive. Once gamers complete the campaign, their assimilation of the Alpha Quadrant can continue in the Free mode, where parameters such as starting pieces, native inhabitants, objectives and even terrain can be modified.

Bij Avault zijn nog een paar screenshots te vinden van Borg Assimilator